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Not only for school but for life.

Our Team

Executive Leaders

Principal - Cezanne Green

Deputy Principal - Connie Priolo

Head of Wellbeing - Leanne Davies

Head of Inclusive Education - Jack Cunningham

Head of Middle Years - Kerry Skinner

Middle Years Leader - Brenton Meier

Head of Senior Years - Warren Eaton

Senior Years Leader - Evan Ganiaris

Assistant Principal Special Language, Global Perspectives and International - Helen Manning Bennett

Assistant Principal HR, Daily Operations & WHS Leader - Jim Dounas

Head of Systems & Operations - Chris Felstead

Business Leader - Amanda Jackson

Learning Area Leaders

Head of Literacy & Pedagogy Improvement - Briony Steele

Mathematics Improvement Leader - Samantha Hutton

Head of STEM - Lewis Weeden

The Arts Curriculum and Pedagogy Leader- Steph Clarke

HASS Curriculum and Pedagogy Leader - Reegan Mastrangelo

HPE Curriculum and Pedagogy Leader- Sue Shillabeer

Languages Curriculum and Pedagogy Leader- Alex Varricchio

Intercultural and Global Perspectives Leader – Kwok Kam

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Learning and Engagement Leaders

Year 7 Learning and Engagement Leader - Lynda Rymer

Year 8 Learning and Engagement Leader - Jayce Golding

Year 9 Learning and Engagement Leader - Donna Palladino

Year 10 Learning and Engagement Leader - Jacinta Coombe

Year 11 Learning and Engagement Leader - Stella Reid

Year 12 Learning and Engagement Leader - Xavier Manning Bennett

Connect Team

Inclusion and Wellbeing Leader - Huw Channing

Inclusion and Wellbeing Leader- Anna Axarlis

Inclusion and Wellbeing Leader- Mireille Le Doledec

Youth Worker - Amanda Veal

Youth Worker - Brad Hammer

Intervention Leader - Tash Tierney

CDHH Leader - Toni Angus

Tailored Learning Provision and Aboriginal Learning Achievement Leader – Robert Barteletti

Sports Management Team

Sport Leader – Gavin Hughes

Rowing Leader - Jo Malcolm

Cricket Leader - Jeremy Appleton

Rowing Support Officer - Harrison Lindner

Sport Support Officer - Stevie Lee Thompson

Sport Support Officer – Megan Thomas