Educentric Adelaide High School July 2019 153
Not only for school but for life.

Our Team

Cezanne Green - email

Deputy Principal
Connie Soltysiak - email

Head of Middle Years
Kerry Skinner - email

Middle Years Leader
Brenton Meier - email

Head of Senior Years
Warren Eaton - email

Senior Years Leader
Finn Galindo - email

Year 7 Learning and Engagement Leader
Jacinta Coombe - email

Year 8 Leader

Year 9 Learning and Engagement Leader
Stella Reid - email

Year 10 Learning and Engagement Leader
Sam Scudds - email

Year 11 Learning and Engagement Leader
Camilla West - email

Year 12 Learning and Engagement Leader
Kanchana Devi - email

Director of Sport
Glen Little - email

Centre for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Leader
Toni Angus - email

Director of Wellbeing
Leanne Davies - email

Inclusion and Wellbeing Leader
Anna Axarlis - email
Huw Channing - email

Inclusion and Wellbeing Leader/Aboriginal and EAL Learners
Ross Hamilton - email

Director of Inclusive Education
Jack Cunningham - email

Director of Learning - SACE, VET and Careers
Evan Ganiaris - email

Learning and Intervention Leader
Grace McDonald - email

Curriculum and Pedagogy Coach
Katrina Axford - email

International and Intercultural Leader
Helen Manning-Bennett - email

English and Literacy Leader
Gail Atkinson - email

HASS Leader
Reegan Mastrangelo - email

Languages Leader
Shane Peterer - email

Arts and Innovation Leader
Tim Moors - email

HPE Leader/Cricket Manager
Phil Hopton - email

STEM Leader
Lewis Weeden - email

Maths Improvement Leader
David Kinna - email

Design and Technology Leader
John Dimitriou - email

Director Communication for Learning/ICT for Learning
Chris Felstead - email

Daily Operations and WHS Leader
Jim Dounas - email