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Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing is at the heart of the positive learning environment students experience at Adelaide High School. The learning environment helps students to feel connected, safe and a sense of belonging. Adelaide High School has a whole school approach to inclusion and wellbeing that utilises a team of staff to support all students with their educational journey. This approach enhances wellbeing, resilience and caters to students individual learning needs.

Students actively participate in mentor group programs four times a week. Mentor group is an opportunity for students to develop a strong positive relationship with their mentor group teacher and provides a sense of belonging to their cohort. Mentor group focuses on positive mental health, child protection curriculum and careers education. Students engage in the Open Parachute mental health program and the Keeping them Safe Child protection Curriculum through out the year.

Adelaide High School is supported by the Sebastian foundation to deliver the Open Parachute mental health program to our students.

This program was developed by Dr Hayley Watson, a child and adolescent clinical psychologist who has been developing programs across Australia and internationally for the past 15 years.

The Open Parachute program addresses issues of stigma surrounding mental health in young people, encourages help-seeking, and creates a culture of mutual support and respect for any struggles that students may face. The program aims to build strong foundation of resilience so students can trust their own abilities, relate to their own feelings in a healthy way and challenge unhelpful thinking which may hold them back.

Throughout the year students will be participating in the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum.

The child protection curriculum is an evidenced based child safety and respectful relationship curriculum for children and young people. The four focus areas are the right to be safe, building and recognising safe and respectful relationships, recognising and reporting abuse and increasing students protective strategies and behaviours.

More information about the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum can be found here.