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Not only for school but for life.

Year 7 is a crucial year for students as they embark on their secondary learning journey and develop new friendships and connections across our school. The Year 7 learning experiences at Adelaide High School are designed to build strong foundations for future success. Key focus areas are literacy and numeracy development, critical and creative thinking, and authentic exploration of all areas of the Australian Curriculum.

Our Year 7 students work with a dedicated team of expert teachers and leaders in beautiful, state of the art spaces. Our teaching approach means that all Year 7 students are supported to build strong and positive connections with a small team of educators, who teach them across core subjects, Mentor Group and STEAM (Science, Technology. Engineering, Arts and Maths) lessons.

Students have rich experiences in language learning, and health and physical education, and there is an intentional focus on developing social-emotional learning and the skills that underpin wellbeing – not just for school but for life.

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At the start of Year 8, the focus is wellbeing and transitioning to High School.

During the beginning of Term 1, Year 8 students will be involved in an eight-day program designed to assist in the transition from primary school to secondary school. Students are also encourage to take part in the three-day aquatics camp to Victor Harbor. This is an essential part of the Transition Program and provides students with the opportunity to develop relationships with staff, students and further develop aquatics skills.

Year 8 students will also be introduced to the Mentor Group program, which aims assist students in developing the Adelaide High School Graduate Qualities, which are:

  • Constructive personal and interpersonal abilities
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Citizenship
  • Active global awareness
  • Effective communication skills
  • An ability to work as an effective team member
  • Self-awareness and an ability to recognise and value the character strengths of others.

Health and wellbeing is also a strong focus of our Year 8 curriculum at Adelaide High School. Students take part in the Turn Your Health Around program, which is aimed at increasing student participation in physical activity and encourage healthy eating habits.

Detailed subject outlines and other important information can be found in the Curriculum Guide.

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The Year 9 Mentor Group program focuses on wellbeing, positive education and the development of the Adelaide High School Graduate Qualities.

In Year 9, students are required to perform community service, either through a sporting or community association or through the school. The school has developed many partnerships with organisations to provide opportunities for the students to perform community service.

A highlight of the year is the annual outdoor adventure camp to Woodhouse where students engage in a range of outdoor activities including mountain bike riding, bushwalking, orienteering and team challenges. Students will also be encouraged to build upon the health and wellbeing foundations introduced in Year 8 and will again take part in the Adelaide High School Turn Your Health Around program.

At the end of Semester 2, the students prepare and present the first task of their Personal Leaning Plan, the round table presentation. Students present their learning on citizenship, learning style and literacy and numeracy skills to a panel including two staff members and family members.

In Year 9, students have the opportunity of more choice in their curriculum. Special Interest Language students are required to continue with their study of two languages other than English and all other students are required to continue with the study of at least one language other than English.

Detailed subject outlines and other important information can be found in the Curriculum Guide.

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Students who are part of the Special Interest Language program are required to study two languages offered on our curriculum until at least the end of Year 10. All students have the opportunity to study two languages other than English if they wish and the study of one language other than English is compulsory for all other students until the end of Year 10.

Students may choose from:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Modern Greek
  • Spanish
  • Auslan

Students who have entered the school via the Cricket program take part in Cricket as one of their subjects, while students entering via the Rowing programs take part in Rowing.

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